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The Storage page shows every data storage and their status that is currently connected to your LayerNext instance. Since LayerNext periodically scans and detects changes within the storage, you will be able to see all activity and when changes are made to the data indexed by our system.

On the top left, we show the most recent LayerNext activity. This will detail the storage name, the number of files detected, and the size of the files discovered, as well as the amount of time elapsed in the activity.

The top right panel displays each data storage and their current status. The button on the right allows you to manually trigger an update if there are data changes in the drive.

Below the top panels is a list of recent update history and their individual status. If you are unsure on how data is changing on your storage, this may be a good place to start.

The right panel shows the various file types that LayerNext has identified and indexed within our system.